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(480) 999-7000​​​​

Great Care-Great Price

Transparent In-Home Care & Assistance
Arizona, Family, Nurse, Veteran Owned & Operated. 

Serving the Entire Phoenix Metro Area

SAFE-We only use certified multi-year employee caregivers. All nationally screened, insured & covered by Workers Comp. All caregivers paid above valley average.

Click & Call Now​​

NO FUSS- In most cases, we can start services within a day.  No contracts. Cancel with one day notice. Simple agreements.

AFFORDABLE-Fixed straightforward pricing starting at $20 per hour. Live-in $300 per day. See Most Rate Plans 


Our Care Model provides the best and most caring caregivers, professional management, and latest systems all at the most reasonable rates possible. 

We provide our clients with professionally selected & thoroughly screened, safe & best caring or "heart" person caregivers. Every caregiver provided is multi-year experienced & certified.  
All caregivers are employees.
Each is bonded, covered by liability insurance, unemployment & workers comp for your safety. 

Available online tracking for you and/or your POA, Medical providers or family member(s) as desired.
Pricing is always at a fixed lowest rate possible for employee screened experienced certified caregivers! 

At About Care Home Care, we have an easy but thorough 4 step startup that includes first & most importantly listening to your needs. 2nd- Working closely with our clients in a partnership to create comprehensive and customized care plans to meet these exact needs. Each care plan is reviewed by our nurse owners as needed. 3rd-Once we have an understanding of your precise daily needs, we then match you or you can select the qualified Certified Caregiver best for you. Last- a little paperwork but no contracts and normally no deposits. All for less!


  1. Personal Care
    Personal Care
  2. Housekeeping
    Cooking & Housekeeping
  3. Companionship
  4. Appointments, Shopping & More
    Appointments, Shopping & More
  5. Hospice/Alzheimer/Dementia skilled
    Hospice/Alzheimer/Dementia help
  6. Cleaning Only Service
    Light to full house cleaning service by the hour. $30 per hour