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We provide professional affordable one on one In-Home Care, Senior Care, or Disabled Care in our Client's Homes, Assisted /Independent Living or other locations as needed.


Some History

About Care Home Care is family, locally owned and operated right here in the Phoenix area.
About Care Home Care has been providing excellent Home Care since 2009. Prior to becoming About Care Home Care, we were the Gilbert/Chandler office of a primarily east coast franchisor.  Our reputation for care over marketing was known throughout the East Valley.

Mature, experienced owners Greg and Ronnie Deane. Greg is the Director and principal operator. He has over 15 years senior Human Resources experience, 17 years military leadership and over 30 years of business leadership.

Prior to opening this agency, Greg's previous position was as the HR leader for a 5 state region within a major communication company that had over $5 billion in annual sales and over 1900 employees.  Additionally, he spent 17 years in the U.S. Air Force with his last assignment as 1st Sergeant of the Northwest Air Defense Sector overseeing a quarter of the United States. Greg has completed studies and awarded a Bachelor’s of Science in Management/HR and an MBA. 

Ronnie is a nurse and has over 30 years experience in geriatric skilled nursing. Ronnie along with their daughter Erin who is an RN/BSN getting her MSN  in the late spring  2018 consult on many of the cases day to day. 

How and Why
In 2009  like many others the economy decided that a career change was needed,  Greg had many franchise opportunities but service/transparency & honesty over money has been Greg & Ronnies calling their entire careers. So they purchased a franchise from a franchiser at the time known for family values and care over high profits. They wanted to own a business where they could give back along with providing help to others as they have done their entire careers! Times and things change and at the beginning of 2017 Greg & Ronnie changed the name to About Care Home Care and now have the ability to operate the agency as a true care first agency across the entire Phoenix metro area! 

​​ They truly believe that they can provide the highest care and service at reasonable rates. Greg says "we are active owners who have related medical or service backgrounds. We will always be involved in our clients care and our caregivers support. Additionally, we will always be there for both our caregivers and our clients!"

Greg & Ronnie got involved in this care business model over other opportunities because it offered clients true low-cost care while their caregivers are compensated well above other companies- thus providing a better standard of living. This was unique in the home care industry and a win/win that offered value to both our clients and caregivers. 

Greg & Ronnie have 2 beautiful daughters, three wonderful grandchildren with a fourth due in May 2018 plus two fur people and are fortunate to have Greg's mom, brother & family living close by in the Chandler area. 

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Greg Deane, BS, MBA

Local, family, Nurse, Veteran owned and operated!

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